Fun Stuff

  • Free Halloween Sound Effects

    Want some good ones? If you need High Quality, unique sound effects, or appropriate Halloween mood music for your haunt, you need to look here. Not the same old sounds that you hear over and over again. Get new, fresh, HIGH QUALITY effects that you can mix together to customize your soundtrack for your Halloween experience.

  • Back in the Day

    Come back in time with us for a while and check out pictures from the first year Sindy Skinless and the Decomposers came on the scene. It was back in 2007 and they just got put together. Scroll to the bottom to see some primitive videos of the first songs they did. Once your on that page, you can click on the menu item that says 'Pictures' to explore what went on in other years, or click on 'Press' to see what they said about us in the papers.

  • Learn about how all this stuff works

    I have written several tutorials showing how the skeltons were built, how to program the software, and how to use DMX to control the whole thing. Click here to view these tutorials as well as some others by other helpful Halloween enthusiats that might help you with a project or two.